Painter and Sculptor - Italian 20th century artist

The Drawings

The only drawings from the early years are a panel with 13 squares, from 1936, in which he still signed 'Zimildin', his nickname, an undated portrait and an abstract from 1953.

The drawings from the early years are interesting because they attest the particular character of his art, with a strong and ironic line, always poised between painting and sculpture.

The artist has always loved drawing, which represented the first form of listening to inspiration.

He always went around with a notepad and a pencil, ready to capture on paper faces, panoramas and situations that struck him.

He left several sketches and drawings which he then used to create his works.

Panel on 53x43 cardboard, with 13 small 10x8 drawings, representing various characters (1936).
The panel is damaged in the center.

Here below, the panel drawings, enlarged.

Drawing on cardboard 11x12
(year unknown)

Abstract ink on paper 16x11