Painter and Sculptor - Italian 20th century artist

Aristide Gattavecchia 

Was born in Cesena in the year 1907. His youth passed through two world wars that marked him deeply. His soul, so sensitive and eager for culture, led him to take an interest from a very young age in art and history, his two greatest passions.Only after the war was he able to devote himself completely to painting and sculpture. He experimented with the most varied materials, moving from paper to plastic, from fabric to board, and even from styrofoam to clay for sculptures.
He dealt with powerful themes such as violence (of war), 'incommunicability and loneliness.
And again the themes of a society that changes quickly and does not know how to deal with and organize the mutations appropriately: ecology, saving, consumerism.
And finally more topical content than ever such as homosexuality and discrimination.
He investigated the human soul, pushing the rawest and most intimate observation.We have received works created between 1947 and 1994, a precious collection of artefacts from which the author's essential intent to encourage his contemporaries towards individual thought emerges clearly: he aimed to awaken man from the torpor of uniformity by emanating a message which invites us to be courageous, free and bold.
Cultured and sensitive to the avant-gardes of his time, he was able to maintain a stylistic identity that still makes his works immediately recognisable.
His are works that arouse intense emotions of dismay, of suffering, of a male lifestyle conveyed through dark tones and a completely original expressiveness in the context of figural representation.